Some are born to observe history, while others are destined to make it.

Ammo with shadow

Founded in 2016, AMMO is a relative newcomer in the annals of the long-storied munitions industry.

Yet our impact on the modern ammunition landscape may soon be considered an achievement of historic proportions. A true industry provocateur, we simply couldn’t stand by and watch as copycat products lined the shelves and complacency ruled a stagnant marketplace. We needed to become more than just another brand for our shooting, military and law enforcement communities.

We needed to be disruptive.

Transformative. Unprecedented. Unapologetic.

We needed to pull the plug on conventional thinking and let it wither.

We needed to be us. We needed to be AMMO.

And what we’ve become is more than anyone could have ever imagined. We are modern day pioneers ushering in a bold new age of innovation, quality and service. Our acquisition of Jagemann Munition Components—the leading OEM rifle/pistol brass manufacturer in the United States—has enabled us to seamlessly integrate the company’s cutting-edge technology and world-class team into the growing AMMO family.

This significant addition to our core operations allows for more rapid product development, enhanced speed to market and secures industry best pricing to compete in global markets.

A long-trusted supplier to many leading ammunition brands, Jagemann also boasts proprietary military, allied forces and law enforcement contracts that further amplify our reach and solidify our position as a leading manufacturer of innovative, high-quality products. Emboldened by this crucial alliance and our new 185,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, we are infusing revolutionary ideas with emerging technologies to create a vital manufacturing epicenter for groundbreaking, performance-driven ammunition.

All manufactured exclusively in the USA.

Bolstered by seasoned ballistics experts, next-gen engineers and passionate technologists, we have created a culture of change that propagates improvement at every turn—continuously seeking better solutions for shooters of all disciplines and all experience levels.

Like our exclusive, patented STREAK™ Visual Ammunition—featuring non-incendiary, One Way Luminescence (O.W.L) technology that enables the shooter to visually observe the projectile’s path toward its target in dark and low-light scenarios.

Or the combination of technology, engineering, and collaboration with leading suppressor manufacturers that makes our Stelth munitions some of the most advanced subsonic cartridges in existence today.

In addition, our exceptional new Signature line of rifle ammo balances velocity, accuracy and recoil—resulting in flawless cycling, superior shooting and unmatched performance in the field or at the range.

The impact of our tech is undeniable, historic and unlike anything you’ve had access to before.

We are blazing a path that very few brands could embark on or ever hope to follow.

And delivering precisely what the munitions industry has been so sorely lacking.

We are AMMO. And we are igniting innovation.