AMMO, Inc. Experiencing Growth of its Omni-Channel Distribution Platform


AMMO, Inc. Experiencing Growth of its Omni-Channel Distribution Platform 

 SCOTTSDALE, AZ, May 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AMMO, Inc. (OTCQB: POWW), a technology leader and premier American ammunitions manufacturer, today announced recent expansions to its distribution within the Company’s Commercial division.  

AMMO, Inc.’s Commercial division continues to expand the distribution of its innovative and patented STREAK™ Visual Ammunition through its omni-channel strategy focusing on product placements among its growing roster of retail, e-commerce and distribution accounts.  The Company expanded its placement to an additional 40 Dunham’s Sporting Goods locations so far this year and just recently added, a leading e-commerce retailer.  Existing e-commerce retailers such as Sportsman’s Guide and Ammunition Depot are seeing increased sellthrough rates on the STREAK product line.  As a result of their success, they have recently expanded their SKU assortments to include AMMO, Inc.’s Signature line of products to their offerings. 

 Our STREAK ammunition continues to resonate with consumers due to its innovative visual attributes and uncompromising quality.  Our team is working hard to ensure shooting sports enthusiasts everywhere have access to our unique products at their retailer of choice.  This focus has resulted in continued conversion of new accounts.  As a result, we are pleased to report that we’ve increased retail distribution by over 100% since the beginning of the year, building on the momentum we realized at SHOT Show earlier this year,” commented Mark Hanish, President of Global Commercial Sales and Marketing. 

The Company continues to expect consolidated revenue of approximately $50 million dollars for its fiscal year ending March 2020.  

 About AMMO, Inc. 

AMMO, Inc. designs and manufactures products for a variety of aptitudes, including law enforcement, military, hunting, sport shooting and self-defense. The Company was founded in 2016 with a vision to change, innovate and invigorate the complacent munitions industry. AMMO promotes branded munitions, including its patented STREAK Visual Ammunition, the Jesse James line of munitions and accessories, /stelTH/ subsonic munitions, O.W.L. Technologies®, TAC-PTM Tactical Precision Defense munitions, and OPS (One Precise Shot) a lead-free frangible tactical line of munitions for self-defense. The Company’s corporate offices are headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, and operates a munitions manufacturing facilities in Payson, Arizona, as well as a brass casings manufacturing facility in Manitowoc, WisconsinFor more information please visit:  

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